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My method combines a variety of movement and mindfulness modalities (including Pilates, yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, Ayurveda and Functional Movement) to help facilitate inner calm, increase productivity, and create a sense of balance between your mind and body. 

Breathe: Breath is the key to fueling your body and mind's functionality. Breath can help cleanse our respiratory system, prevent injuries in movement and signal our nervous system to relax

Move: We want to achieve a balance of flexibility and strength to reduce normal wear and tear, chronic conditions, and even acute injuries. This is where proper movement and stabilization done in a mindful way will help you heal, maintain and improve.

Meditate: Train your mind to work for you. Whether you want to find clarity, drive, peace and/or joy there are specific techniques you can employ to achieve the mental state you would like to achieve. 

Based in Travelers Rest, SC & virtually everywhere else

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To know the way forward, you need to know your starting point. This session is designed to bring clarity to the what, why and how.

  • pre-consult questionnaire

  • in depth discussion

  • set long and short term goals

  • create an actionable plan

Working with Rachel is a special delight. She has a unique combination of intelligence, empathy, expertise, and passion for her clients' physical and mental well-being.

-Jeanne S.

Rachel's multidisciplinary approach is incredibly effective. She draws from a variety of philosophies in Pilates, yoga, and corrective exercise. In addition to her wealth of knowledge and experience, she has a kind and gentle energy and is excellent at communication.

Rachel has helped me increase my posture immensely and also lower my stress levels. Every week when we meet, I know I am in good hands. On top of that she is funny and fun and really motivates me to be at my best!

- Elizabeth G.

- Stacey K.

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