Pitta kale tofu ceaser

The silky tofu as the base of this Caeser dressing makes it not only vegan, but extra hydrating. Mix in the pitta quinoa side for extra zazoo


- Bunch of curly kale

- 1 TB capers

- 1/4 C silken tofu

- 1 TB white miso

- 1/4 TB dijon mustard

- 1 TB braggs amino acids

- half a lemon


- 1 TB Apple Cider Vinegar

- Nutritional yeast to taste (I use 1 TB)

- salt & pepper to taste


- if you are feeling fancy and want to wash the extra equipment, go ahead and blend all the wet ingredients together. Otherwise mash it up together really good 

- toss and toss and toss with the kale. The more you toss it together, the more tender the kale will get.

- mix in yeast, capers, salt & pepper, and throw in other veggies, or quinoa or sunflower seeds... you get the picture

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