Vegan No-Bone Broth

Nutrient dense and soul warming! I drink this broth in place of coffee, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a soup base: just throwing in some raw greens and cooked noodles or whatever else.


FYI, these measurements and ingredients are totally adaptable. It's hard to mess this up
- 1/2 C dried mushroom I use shiitake, but whatever fancy dried mushroom is making the rounds would work.
- 1/4-1/2 C dried seaweed. I typically use wakame, but have used Kombu, and in this pic i just tore up a sheet of nori
- 1-2 TBSP aminos (regular or coconut)
- 1 garlic bulb, smashed
- 1 onion, quartered (with skin and any kind you prefer, I use yellow)
- 1 TBSP GOOD olive oil
- 1 chili pepper. Start there, you can adjust with cayenne if you need more
- 2 C veggies & greens. Typicially I use a stalk of celery and whatever leftover kale, spinach or cabbage that is about to go
- 1 lemon or lime
- 1 or 2inches ginger root
- 1 bayleaf
- 1 star anise
- 1 TBSP peppercorn
- 2 TBSP turmeric
- 1/4-!/2 C nutritional yeast
- 1 bunch fresh herbs of choice. I had a bunch of oregano, rosemary and thyme because it was the end of summer and they were in my garden, but usually I use cilantro
- I put all this stuff in and then I add the water to below the brim, maybe 12 C?
- 1TBSP miso


- If your soup pot comes with a strainer, put that in. It makes it much easier to remove all the non-broth ingredients.
- add everything but the miso to the pot.
- bring to a boil.
- reduce to simmer, cover, and let it steep for at least an hour. I usually go for 2 or more. The longer the more concentrated.
- strain and serve!
- I will stir in the miso right as I'm ready to drink the broth. If it's just a cup of broth, I'll use 1/4 tsp of miso. 1 TBSP is good for a bowl of soup.
- A great at-home pho idea: add already cooked soba noodles and fold in some fresh spinach , spring onions and a few sauteed mushrooms.

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